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Do I need a visa first to get a job in the USA?

Step 1: Find your organization and sign your worker letter

The best approach to break that circle is to discover your job from your own country, in an organization in the USA prepared to support you for the visa you are equipped for. Also, this is the thing that we did, Maxime and I, in 2014.

We looked for quite a long time from our nation of origin, an organization that could support us the work visa. All things considered, we NEVER came to America prior to going with our work visa… Never did the ESTA or traveler visa not one or the other.

How would i be able to get a new line of work in an organization support in America ?

I can hear from here you’ll figure it will not be that hard to get a new line of work being far separated in light of the web. It’s actual. Without the Internet, you will not secure your position distantly. But that’s not quite as simple as it looks all things considered…

To make it, in light of my experience I emphatically prescribe to just pursuit among organizations used to support visa. Why? Because 96% of organizations in the United States are not intrigued to support you for a working visa. So it will be hard to track down the correct one among each one of those organizations. You can discover support companies here. Also, to go further, you should look through ONLY among organizations that can in fact support the visa YOU are qualified for!

At long last, following 3 months looking, we both found a new line of work with a working visa each! Max had two freedoms in San Francisco and New York. What’s more, I, in Miami and New York. So we both picked New York.

At that point, it’s just once we marked our worker letter that we could apply for the visa. Also, it’s the very same route for each US work visa supposedly!

How long is it going to take to discover a company?

As far as we might be concerned, it required 3 months without youngsters. In any case, it relies upon your circumstance, profile, what you need to do, and your inspiration!

In our model, we both found in French organizations. So we met in Paris, and not in New York.

Step 2: Apply for your working visa and get it

After that huge advance, the organization should round out their structure, and you should round out your structure so the application can be submitted to the government. As the initial step, you don’t should be situated in the USA to do that. All things considered, you ought to be outside of the domains once you got the meeting arrangement at the Embassy.

That is the thing that we did. We both got a meeting at the U.S. international safe haven in Paris.

What sort of American work visa do you know? The Green Card?

As the Green Card is the worker visa, it is the most mainstream American working visa. Nonetheless, don’t anticipate getting the Green Card with your manager first. It could occur, however it’s amazingly uncommon!

More often than not, you will have a non outsider visa for some time. It tends to be for 1 year as 7 years. Around then, you will actually want to apply for the Green Card through your boss, yet it relies upon you and your manager.

Step 3: Start your work and get your Social Security Number

When you get your visa, you are all set! You will be approved to go through the U.S. customs, and start your work in the USA. That is the thing that we did once more! I got my visa under 3 months. When I got it, 3 days after my meeting in the international safe haven, I traveled to the USA to begin the incredible experience!

10 days after our appearance in America, we went to the Social Security Administration to get our Social Security Card. It’s a similar interaction for each American working visa!

This card contains your Social Security Number which permits you to work, and furthermore to pay your expense in the USA. That number will follow you wherever for better or in negative ways…

Is the way toward getting a work visa in the United States of America more clear to you now? Tell me in the remarks beneath!

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